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School Fogging Services – Protecting The Leaders Of Tomorrow

Covid-19 has taken the world by storm. But, life must go on, and so should education. This does not mean that in an attempt to share knowledge, children also start sharing germs. It is your responsibility to keep WHO guidelines in mind as you ensure that the teachers, staff, and children in your school are safe. No need to scratch your head thinking about how you can do that. All you need to do is avail a reliable and quality fogging service!

A school is a place for children to learn and grow. There are many of them sharing supplies while in close quarters. Students, teachers, and staff alike can come into contact with pathogens and catch Covid-19 even when they are taking precautionary measures. Scary, right? But, all this can be prevented if you take appropriate measures for virus control. From the cafeteria to toilets, classrooms, and playrooms where children spend a substantial amount of time is where there is a dire need for an effective sanitizing disinfectant that can kill 99.999% of microbes.

With the rising health issues, it is the responsibility of the school administration to carry out a sanitizing disinfection strategy. We can help you fulfill your duty of care towards your students, faculty, and staff. All you need to do is contact us and let us handle the rest. With our latest fogging services, we offer you a clean and bacteria-free environment. Our services include all furniture in classrooms, offices, open spaces, changing rooms and toilets, playground equipment cleaning, and fogging rooms to clear out harmful odors and viruses.

We follow strict quality standards and use the best, biodegradable products for sanitizing and disinfection. It is our responsibility to ensure that you are well-equipped in this fight against Covid-19. Our choice of products is suitable for fogging and have been approved by appropriate authorities in Europe. So, make your school safe and impart valuable knowledge at the same time. Contact us and avail our timely and effective services today!

Disinfecting Your Holiday Home: Bring Back Your Tourists

Just like the rest of the tourism industry, Covid-19 has substantially impacted the holiday home business. While these uncertain times have made it very difficult for everyone to manage, life must adjust with the new normal. We all know, your guests are synonymous with the supply chain of your business. In order to resume your business, you need to ensure their safety by way of taking extreme precautions. Holiday homes generally get a lot of visitors, and it is quite to practically guarantee that none of your visitors are Covid-19 carriers. You need to be very vigilant in following WHO guidelines. As a duty of care, businesses need to opt for the effective disinfection of their facility. Virus control through fogging service is most efficient and helps control the spread of this virus.              

Our antiviral disinfecting clean tech spray always keeps away hazardous microbes, including Coronavirus. Our service offers 99.999 percent in disinfection from germs and bacteria. We are not shooting an arrow in the air, rather our claim is backed by extensive 72 page lab report. The antimicrobial effects of our one time fogging can last weeks. Allowing disinfectant to dry after application ensures a protective residual layer, which takes away all possibilities of sustaining a virus. However, in high use areas where the surfaces are rubbed against, and contamination is reintroduced, we recommend repetitive rounds of fogging.

Our disinfectant product is environment friendly and going no way to harm your guests and employees., Our services are certified to EN1276, EN13697, EN1650, EN14476 European standards. Furthermore, our disinfectant is also biodegradable, non-alcoholic, bleach-free, non-flammable, and on neutral PH. Here, we also want to give one important intimation. We value your business and human life and thus offer thorough disinfection with responsibility and duty of care. We certainly go hand in hand in fighting this unprecedented pandemic.

Give us a call on 01485 609223 for more information about our services and how we can help facilitate your holiday home and accommodation to start welcoming tourists again.

Antiviral Fogging Services for Transport

Keeping the ripple effects of the Covid-19 outbreak in mind, it looks like cleaning and re-cleaning has become the current necessity. Many heads of states are now moving towards a slow yet progressive lift on a prolonged lockdown. But is the danger over yet? As long as a vaccine for Covid-19 is not developed, governments, as well as the public, both must work towards a virus-controlled environment to move past the lockdown situation. To strengthen our chances against the Covid-19 breakout, in this new stage, we must come up with effective ways for virus control in our surroundings. Fortunately, we, at all Clean Tech, have done just that!

Our supplier has come up with the best solution for a virus-controlled environment. We have launched a brand new disinfectant that can be used on a range of surfaces to get rid of microbes. Now that social distancing measures are being relaxed all around the world, dense public transport stations will soon become hubs of social interaction. Jampacked metro buses certainly pose a credible threat to the lives of a lot of people. Clean Tech offers virus control services for transport vehicles and stations to make them safe for public use. Our fogging services also extend to private enterprises. Through our anti-bacterial product and deep clean service, we look to fulfill our responsibility and duty of care.

Passed and approved by European standards and backed by an extensive 72 page lab report, Clean Tech bacteria and virus controlling germicide will deeply clean fogged surfaces by killing 99.999% of the germs. This product is spread over the surface as a mist and is safe for use at home, in offices, schools, and health-care provision centers. Whether the solution is sprayed on playground equipment or on a train’s seat, it will leave behind a clean and largely germ-free surface.

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