Professional COVID-19 Deep-Cleaning for Homes and Holiday Cottages

Our team of expert COVID-19 deep cleaners has extensive experience in cleaning premises thoroughly and efficiently.

We are professionals at what we do, and take our work seriously.

Industry-Level Standards — Micro-Atomiser Cleaning for Your Home & Holiday Cottage

We have been hired by factories, offices and industries to carry out micro-atomiser fog cleaning while wearing full protective gear and breathing apparatus to ensure that any and every viral microorganism is utterly obliterated.

We are not some amateur cleaner wearing a cheap mask and wielding a weed sprayer. We utilise micro-atomisers to utterly eradicate infectious organisms in contaminated spaces.

Our special Clean Tech Spray does away with numerous infectious viruses, including COVID-19.

Even if one of your previous guests was infected, our sophisticated cleaning process will all but guarantee that the premises will be entirely secure for the next holidaymaker.

Our COVID Deep Cleaning Service for Homes and Holiday Cottages cleans every nook and cranny, getting right down into and underneath the most challenging areas to ensure a safe holiday let for your guests.

COVID Deep Cleaning for Your Holiday Let — Guests Rest Assured

Tell your guests that they can rest assured and enjoy their holidays, knowing full well that your holiday cottage has been disinfected using industry-standard cleaning methods and equipment.

Start earning an income from your holiday let business once again by promoting that your holiday cottage has been treated to prevent all possibilities of COVID-19.

Environment-Friendly & Guest-Friendly

We use only environment-friendly sprays and cleaners, and there is no possibility of harm to your guests.

Our product is, additionally bleach-free.

Don’t worry about COVID-19. Tell your guests that you have taken all measures possible to make their stay a safe and joyful one.

We all need a break in these difficult times, and getting the hospitality industry back on track after this difficult time is one of our top priorities.

That’s why we’re happy to provide you and your guests with peace of mind as a result of our comprehensive COVID-19 deep cleaning service for holiday homes and cottages.

Keep Your Guests Safe — Cleaning and Re-Cleaning Service

This is the new normal. Premises must be cleaned and re-cleaned for the good of the society.

And you will be doing your part to keep the spread of this virus under control, while at the same time offering your guests peace a leisure-filled stay at your wonderful holiday home.





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