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Clean Tech is a professional cleaning company with operatives in your locality for quick personal service.  Our aim is to give a five star service everytime and the reviews you see below are all genuine but as you would expect we have had to remove items of personal identification although if you should wish to speak to any of these reviewers we will happily and willingly endeavour to make that possible.  Just click on any of the reviews to enlarge them for easy reading.

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To: Mike Barrett
From: Denise Carter _ Sent 06 September 2020 21:50 To: Subject Oven clean
I am just writing to say thank you for the wonderful cleaning job on my oven.
I must just tell you the story behind it, i like some people thought I could clean it on my own. I had not attempted this job for over 3 years, you can imagine the grime and grease that was in there. I brought a cheap cleaning product from my local town and did what the instructions said. Well now the fun begins, the spay can didn't work properly and I had to spread the foam manually, the smell was very strong and overpowering, I not only had the windows open but also the door. In the mean time the plastic bag which I had put the shelves in along with the cleaning fluid, started to leak in my bath so I started to panic as this stuff was caustic and might make a hole in the said bath. It hadn't cleaned the shelves so was a waste of time. The foam inside the oven didn't even touch the dirt and then I thought I have to cook tea and now have no oven to speak of. I luckily remembered seeing your advert on Facebook saying you cleaned ovens amongst other things and gave you a call.
Was I relieved when a lovely gentleman arrived and completed the job with no chemicals, no smell and was done in such a short space of time. My oven looked brand new and couldn't have been happier. I would gladly recommend your Company to everyone I know and would shout from the rooftops about the excellent service.
With kindest regards Mrs D Carter
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